AUTOMATIC MATCHING BOX for RF Power Supply (マッチングボックス) : Model ATL-100RA


● OUTLINE (概要)
This unit automatically provides the optimum impedance matching when the
high frequency oscillator is employed to manufacture semiconductors, using a plasma
etching, reactive ion etching (R.I.E), plasma C.V.D., or sputtering method.

Generally, the plasma discharge load impedance varies according to the discharge
electrode, type of processing gas, pressure of the process chamber and RF power. This
makes it essential to provide impedance matching so as to maximize the forward power
and to minimize the reflected power throughout the entire process.

This unit provides accurate impedance matching at a high speed. This unit is designed
to transform to the 50 ohms a wide range of resistance and reactive impedances that are
encountered during a typical plasma operation. The network design is basic “L”
configuration having a shunt variable air capacitor to handle the loading and a series
variable inductive coil to handle the turning. Both capacitor and inductor are driven by
servo motors which operate simultaneously and allow instantneous tuning of the plasma.
This tuning procedure is a complete “hands off” operation.

Frequency (周波数): 300KHz-1MHz
Maximum Rated Input Power (最大入力パワー): 500W
Maximum Reflected Power (最大反射パワー): 2% of Forward Power or less (投入パワーの2%以下)
(Excluding any harmonics components and noise.)
Input impedance(入力インピーダンス): 50Ω nominal, resistive
Tune Inductor Range(インダクターチューニングレンジ):
Minimum : ≦45μH
Maximum : ≧115μH
Load Capacitor Range(キャパシター負荷レンジ):
Minimum : ≦50pF
Maximum : ≧1800pF
RF Input N-J
RF Output C-J
VDC Prove Output (Option) BNC-J
Manual Control Input 25 pin “Dsub” Female
System Control Input 15 pin “high density” Dsub male (3-row-type)
AC Power Supply 3 pin Locking Connector Type
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm (寸法): Approx. 200x210x450
Weight (kg): Approx. 8
Cooling (冷却): Forced Air Cooling (空冷)
Blow out at rear panel
AC Power Supply: AC115V
Fuse: 1 Amps